1 + 1 = 3


Axe had a new release: combining 2 deodorants to make a 3rd one, even better.  Our challenge was to design a launch party, for the young adult target, compelling enough to bring 1,000 guests.

We combined a traditional night out with music and booze, with interactive installations, live band and sexy girls.

Teaming up with Playboy magazine and inviting Nortec to play was a plus and the interactive installations were a blast!:

The Axeficator was a cylinder that would spray Axe on guests to note the effect! Before, none of the pretty girls on the party would pay them any attention. Afterwards, all wanted to talk to them!

The men’s room had screens with a video show a simulation of a “live footage” from inside the girls’ room. In that, boys would see a beautiful girl retouching her make up and entering a private loo. After that, another pretty girl does the same and goes through the same door! After a couple of seconds, a third gorgeous girl, a combination of the 2  first ones leaves the same space and heads to the party. This is what happens when you combine 2 good things: a third even better.

Axe Vision is dark space where you see 2 stations: one says: WITHOUT AXE. The other: WITH AXE. You are invited to see a screen on the first booth and what you find is a real time image of yourself, alone. When you go to the second booth, the one that says WITH AXE, is the same real time video image, but now you see many pretty girls dancing around you: the Axe effect.

Axe Room is a black box with a mirror that transforms into a transparent window once you manage to spray the deodorant on a switch. Once it’s done, you see inside the box 2 pretty girls in different moments: pillow fighting, reading, sleeping, combing each other’s hairs, and so forth. But only for 10 seconds!! You have to find more Axe and spray again to have another sneak peak on their activities. A note to add: at the end of the party things got a little bit out of hand, with kisses being exchanged through the window and huge line for interaction.

Slot Machine where after pressing a button, you’d see 2 parts of the screen spinning in opposite directions, with the top and the bottom part of women dressed in uniforms: the cop, car washer, school teacher, etc, very sexily. Once you get a random combination, let’s say: the top a car washer and the bottom a school teacher, you’d receive a card with her info and phone number: “Hi, my name is Angela. In the mornings I teach my young kids to read and write, but during the afternoon I wash cars. I love the touch of steel and the humid environment. You can find more about me at axe.com or calling 1.800.555.5555”

After 1,000 people showed up and called their friends to the party, we received more than 2,500 people but only managed safely to welcome 1,700. To the other unfortunate guests, we gave away tons of products to make them happy.