Bacardi B-Live Mexico


While Executive Creative Director at Group CIE, one of our key accounts was Bacardi and it was a great experience to work with the brand, with event marketing and BTL.
Besides designing and implementing every year, for 3 years, the whole BTL platform in Mexico, I also directed B-Live in Mexico with my great team of creative directors, trend researchers and the whole structure of the Group, as a support.
B-LIVE is a global concert series that showcases international and emerging artists, a program of music events that has toured 25 countries. In Mexico, we had a twist for collaboration, mixing artists that never collaborated before, even from different genres and usually we’d book local artists but in 2008 we brought Groove Armada, as party of a bigger deal. A really cool bunch, and it was a success again. We even, for the first time ever in Mexico, promoted designated drivers to go back home, giving them tickets to music concerts.
I left the company in the first semester of 2009 and did not work with B-Live ever since. It’s a pity, as it was very enjoyable to work with and a great challenge every year.
The 2007 line up:
Puebla: Zoé, Paco Huidobro (Fobia)
DF Back to School: Kinky, Natalia Lafourcade, Los Dynamite, Bengala and Juan (Porter)
León: Fobia
Mérida: Fobia
Guadalajara: Fobia, Zoe, discoRUIDO! and Elhoim (Moderatto)
Guadalajara: Natalia Lafourcade, Los Dynamite, Bengala and Juan (Porter), discoRUIDO! and Elhoim (Moderatto)
DF: Fobia, discoRUIDO! and Elhoim (Moderatto)