VR Endless Possibilities






Project commissioned by Pulse Group UK to FlyEmirates in Dubai, the Emirates VR Endless Possibilities project was awarded  for the ‘Best Augmented/ Virtual Reality Technology’ at the fourth edition of the Event Technology Awards held on 9th November 2016 in London.

There were many challenges to this project from creativity, to multicultural understanding and technical issues.

Pulse Group trusted  me to deliver a powerful project, later recognised internationally. Acting as the Executive Producer, I was able to act as the project’s co-creative director and pick vendors to fulfill necessities, like Lekanto Studios (producers, casting), FutureLighthouse (CGI, Programming, Interactive Development) and Vysion (360º videos production), all three Spanish companies.

Originally hired to implement 4 contents, only 2 of them went in the final release of the project in March 2016.  Emirate’s VIP Lounge, and Arsenal’s soccer practice hit the screens and awed the public as if they were there in real life.  The other 2 contents (aboard the A380 first class lounge and Dubai Desert Safari) did not get into it. The reason why I can talk through coffee when we meet, but I can assure you we have a really cool content! 🙂


Pulse Group UK