VR / Live Auditions


Hired by TMS- Total Marketing Solution Miami, I was in charge of the concept and creative design, production and operation of the Sony Listerine platform to take Latinamerica fans of TheVoice to watch a live show in Los Angeles.

We’ve designed a Listerine bathroom where an audition would take place, with contestants picking a song and singing it along lyrics on a screen. Before the audition, that would be recorded and set to Sony in the US, visitors would live the backstage of a TheVoice show through a VR application composed of an immersive video and interactive audio.

The platform was a success and deployed in March 2017 in 4 cities simultaneously: Mexico City, Bogotá, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires.

TMS, Sony and Listerine were amazing, trusting me and my team to make important decisions in the whole process, resulting to be very successful and beyond expectations. I was presente when Sony president’s for Latin America tried the system (VR and Audition) and was VERY happy with the results. Likewise, visitors really enjoyed the experience and we had amazing singers coming to our physical installations (in shopping centers) to audition.

The project could not me implemented without the amazing work of Marcelo Levy (Miami, Design and Operations), Lekanto Studios (Madrid, production), Vysion (360º video production).


TMS, Sony and Listerine