Alpura Pavilion




Mexico, 2004. Alpura is one of the biggest Mexican dairy products company based in Mexico City, and decided to get closer to consumers since their early age. The strategy was to have a pavilion on a themed park to generate good will with young consumers and tell stories related to they core values, products and processes.

The space was designed and implemented for kids from 6 to 12 years old in Granja Las Americas, Mexico City and was a non lineal narrative where children, organically, would go from station to station learning about Alpura.

The Muuuumeter allowed visitors to muumuu really pound and proportionally to the amplitude of the scream would be the number of cows responding with muus, and dance moves.

The Tetrapak Nightclub was a dance space where cows would dance following children’s moves.

The History Wall had many picture in sepia and when there was movement in front of the picture frames, Alpura characters would come alive, in colour and move from picture to picture.

The Ranch Experience was a 3D environment of a ranch showing the day life in a Ranch. Visitors would navigate in the 3D space using their body position tracked by sensors on the floor.

The Plant, with buttons, bells and whistles would show the process from the arrival of the mil to the final product.


Alpura, Mexico City (Media Innovations)