Jalisco Pavilion


Puerto Vallarta, 2012. Tianguis Turistico, the most important Tourism Fair in Mexico was hosted by the states of Jalisco and Nayarit and it was a big responsibility to implement their pavilion.

In Jalisco pavilion, we designed and implemented the whole 100o square meters space, inaugurated by Mr. Felipe Calderón, Mexico’s President and Mr. Emilio González Márquez, Jalisco’s Governor among other authorities.

The space was a non linear story, with different aspects of Jalisco’s life and truism offers: Business, Luxury, Beaches, Culture and Ecoadventure.

Every area had its own fragrance designed to maximise the experience and the message told.

In the center of the pavilion there was a 18 feet high dome with the capacity to 100 people standing where five 360º movies were being screened, one every 15 minutes.


Jalisco Tourism Bureau, Vertice