Motion Flux


In the path to investigate the dialogue between people and the environment, three interactive installations were designed in different countries to convey experimentation.

1. In 1998, as part of the Mostra Petrobras de Realidad Virtual in Rio de Janeiro, in a night club, the iRave was held, setting a stage with tap tiles and hand held accelerometers and guests movements would control music and projections. In collaboration with DJ Bola, Axel Mulder (Infusion Systems), Sonia Barbosa (TV Globo), Sergio Abreu (Joao Penca e seus Miquinhos Amestrados), Eduardo Poyart (Arte Eletronica)

2. In 2002, invited by the Cuban government, the MotionFlux installation was presented in an art gallery, this time with cameras as sensors. We measured visitors’ behaviour and triggered music and projections and colours. In collaboration with Richard Ting (R/GA).

3. In 2005, Motion Flux 2 was commissioned by Philip Morris and presented in 3 parties in Mexico, for 3,000 people. In this presentation, a dance floor was the stage and cameras would analyse people’s behaviours and movement to establish the party mood. From Lounge Music to Psycho, with everything in between.


International Virtual Reality Conference, Cuban Interactive Art Symposium, Philip Morris Mexico