MXBeat Music Festivals



In 2004 I was sent to a creative task force in Berlin to meet my peers from Germany, UK, United States and Russia to discuss a music platform for our common client: Philip Morris.
After 3 days of intense creative meetings and looong nights, the MX Beat concept would be explored to be implemented in different countries related to electronic Music.
Getting back home and consulting with local music specialists, we saw that the electronic music world was already associated with other brands but the indie rock genre was abandoned. Of course it was a challenge to basically start a new culture in the country, however the event was not intended to be massive, but aspirational, and the indie rock culture shared values with the brand and the target segmentation we were looking for.
In 2005 we launched MX Beat, codename POLAR, in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, the 3 most important cities in the country.
Another challenge we faced is that we decided to introduce the Festival format to the concerts, extending music hours and inviting Mexicans to enjoy a concert during day light! A heresy back then. We also added interactive art stations from artists from around the globe and brand experiences and merchandising and free stuff…
A couple of years later, more and more indie festivals showed up, as well as radio stations almost dedicated to the scene.
Everything worked (almost) as planned and in 2009, the last year allowed by law to have a music festival hosted by a tobacco company, we got awarded as the best indie festival in the country.

MX Beat music festivals had a complex promotion mechanism, using underground and guerrilla marketing digital strategies and a very unique way of spreading the word.
In 2005 we had to beg our friends to to go the festival. In 2009 we had them sold out many months before the date, without announcing all music talents (that year we had M.I.A. and Beastie Boys among other great attractions)


Philip Morris