Pixie Launch




The coffeemaker Pixie, from Nestlé’s Nespresso has its image related to technology and the ecology.

Invited by the Agency Ninja in Mexico City, we were responsible to add eye catchers and entertainment to the launch with 3 interactive installations in a private party:

1. The Ecofriendly room: in a dar room everything you see is a dim light spot over a spinning bicycle. Once you hop in and star peddling, you generate energy to turn in LED stripes that light up the space unveiling messages about Pixie’s features.

2. Multitouch bar top: the Nespresso logo moves around the bar top on a projection and once it’s touched, you see coloured special effects.

3. The Unveil of the coffeemaker: using our interactive paint technology, we’ve unveiled the product in the presence of a big crowd.


Ninja, Nespresso, Pixie, Nestlé