Interactive games for POS


In 2002 Nestlé was a pioneer in innovation in point of sales in Mexico and trusted us to design and implement them. Barely landed in the city, it was the first commercial client I found myself with hands full! I had to design software and electronic by myself unit I got some help to deliver all units, train the promotional sales force and give maintenance to all units throughout the country.
The games are physical computing games: real world activities with a digital component that would give away prizes and only allowed to be played with a proof of purchase.
The games were a great success in Mexico and renewed for a second generation of games, until Nestlé’s marketing director was changed and the new one decided to change gears and go towards more traditional promotions.
Some of the games developed:
– MediaBike Pro: a 2 player game where you pedal a bike and control an avatar that rides a road. The first one to the finish line is the winner. A force feedback system that left a lot of shoppers really tired after going to the supermarket.
– Sigueme el paso (Follow my Steps). A mix of Genius and Dance Dance Revolution. A memory game on a boom box where you had to dance a color sequence on tap tiles.
– El heladero Ciego (The Blind Ice cream Scooper): Benito, our main character, scoops ice cream all over the place on a screen. With a physical ice cream cone, you have to catch them.
– Nescafé bar. An old version of Apple’s Genius bar where you could stop your groceries shopping to enjoy a coffee and learn about the products displayed on Plasma screens.