Reventour Estrella


While I worked at group CIE, the Estrella beer, an important but local asset from Modelo Group portfolio, wanted to be launched nationwide.
To have the beer known outside the Bajío (Leon, Guanajuato, Jalisco) area, we designed a music platform called Reventour Estrella. The word Reventour comes from the mix of 2 words: reventón (a big party) and tour.
From target group research to venues scouting, from stage design to talent curation, from btl strategy to implementation, everything was planned and lived in 4 months.
The Reventour Estrella was a music festival that brought a mix of new and established latin pop/rock talents and activities for the crowd to get special prizes like promotional items, meet and greets, backstage passes, autographed merchandising and more. Most of the rewards were conditioned to product consumption, something not hard to do as the festival would endure for many and many hours.
The concept had a previous local warm up in communications with ATL+BTL+Digital giving away tickets and generating buzz and was in sync with the marketing plan and creative concept: Estrella Manifesto.
Within this concept, we created the Manifesto Booth, where people would go and record their video for the right to attend the party.


Estrella Beer