Step into my Shoes





Having breakfast with my good friend Jon Schmid, CEO of Cook & Schmid, a full service communications company in San Diego, he told me about a interesting and challenging project called Housing Matters, a wonderful initiative from San Diego County to give shelter and care to the homeless population and also change the stigma associated to people who is under this condition.
The project is powerful enough, but how to go to the streets and invite the common citizen to be aware of the project in a different way?
During this breakfast we came with an idea to an installation called “Step into my shoes”, to materialise the project in a booth that resembles a house to show a powerful content related to Housing Matters.
To make things more interesting, there’s a video loop inviting people to come closer to the booth and once they step into a welcome mat, the short video starts, with emotional testimonies from people in street conditions. Once the video ends, pictures of people who live in the streets are shown and among them, your picture is also shown – while you are watching the video, we secretly take your photography and show that the problem is very close by and we could be affected in different ways.


San Diego County