What could happen


The Alazraki agency and Alazraki Films made a beautiful tv commercial for Scotiabank Mexico, talking about dreams and “what could happen if… ”  It was a non traditional bank ad and a breakthrough in Mexico. Along these lines, we designed a transmedia communication platform to be launched on the same day the tv spot would launch nationwide.
Using Scotiabank’s emblematic corporate building in Mexico City, we projected with 60,000 lumens not only the tv ad before going on tv, but also a twitter feed, listening to people’s dreams.
Those who know Mexico City know about the chaotic traffic and we used this in our favor: gave away popcorn to people stuck in traffic to enjoy the new ad and told them to turn on a specific frequency on FM radio to hear the sound synced with the projection.
Additionally, our popcorn bags had a special qr code, taking people to the web page to revisit the ad and uncover 6 different hidden dreams: wonderful 3d augmented reality animations. Once you collect all 6 dreams, finding AR markers in bank branches and OOH (out of home) ads, you could get rewards.
This campaign was very successful in Mexico.


Scotiabank Mexico